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The Community Outreach Committee at Second Presbyterian Church oversees the Lunch Bag Program. The church’s dedicated volunteers offer nutritious lunches every Tuesday through Friday from 11am to 1pm, serving approximately 150 to 200 of our hungry neighbors each week.

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Second Presbyterian Church volunteers take the time to know each neighbor by name to better offer a warm and personal greeting for any following visits. 

The Lunch Bag Program was started in 1986 by elder Lucille Whitworth when she noticed many of our neighbors were coming to the church asking for food and additional help. Wanting to extend hospitality, she began and personally funded, what has become a staple for our community, the Lunch Bag Program at Second Presbyterian Church. Free lunches are now made possible by generous donations from church members and our South Loop community. We are grateful for all of your support and hospitality to make our neighbors feel welcome.

The Lunch Bag Program also distributes bags of groceries and personal hygiene products weekly and at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and provides warm clothing throughout Chicago's winter by organizing an annual Winter Clothing Drive.

Your donations are always accepted and greatly appreciated!


If you would like to donate items such as a care package, food, or personal hygiene products for the lunch bag program or clothes, gently used housewares, or other items for the resale shop, please drop by Barbara’s Basement during market hours on Thursdays or during 2nd Presbyterian church hours 9am-1pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

For more information about the Lunch Bag Program, Winter Clothing Drive, or Barbara’s Basement, please call the church’s office at 312.225.4951.