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Start a Fun, Zero Wast Journey with SLFM!

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Did you know Barbara’s Basement, 2nd Presbyterian’s Thrift Shop is open during our market? Start your zero waste journey and reduce your impact with us! Shop or donate unwanted, gently used items every week.


Barbara’s Basement is located in the basement of the church and open during SLFM Prairie District market hours only. Who knows what treasures you will find!


Any donations are also accepted and greatly appreciated! If you would like to donate clothes, gently used housewares, or other items for the resale shop instead of tossing it into a landfill, please drop your donations by Barbara’s Basement during SLFM market hours on Thursdays or during church hours 9am-1pm, Tuesday through Saturday.


Americans toss billions of clothing and unwanted items every single year. We’ve become accustomed to fast-fashion & synthetic clothing, poorly made home goods that fall apart, and impulse buying from sales racks.

Join us at the market on Thursdays! You can make an impact and start your zero waste journey with a one stop shop. For more information about Barbara’s Basement, please call the church’s office at 312.225.4951.